Case - beech-nut and the no-apple-juice apple juice

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CASE : Beech-Nut and the No-Apple-Juice Apple Juice

1. No one was ever made ill or harmed by the fake apple juice. Was LiCari overreacting?

2. Did LiCari follow the lines of authority in his efforts? Is this important for a whistle-blower? Why?

3. What pressures contributed to Beech-Nuts unwillingness to switch suppliers?

4. Using the various models for analysis of ethical dilemmas that you have learned, point out the things that Lavery and Hoyvald and others in the company failed to consider as they refused to deal with the Interjuice problem.

5. Why did LiCari feel he had to leave Beech-Nut?

6. Why did LiCari write anonymously to the FDA?

7. Is it troublesome that Hoyvald and Lavery escaped sentences on a technicality? Is the sentence too light?

8. Why do you think Hoyvald and the others thought they could get away with the adulterated juice? Why did they play the "cat-and-mouse" game? What principles about ethics have you learned that might have helped them analyze their situation more carefully and clearly?

9. Beech-Nut's market share went from 19.1 percent of the market to 15.8 percent, where it has hovered ever since. Why? What were the costs of Beech-Nuts fake apple juice and its "cat-and-mouse game" with the FDA? Do you think consumers still remember this conduct?

Reference no: EM13845797

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