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Case 1: Fatima Al Jaber& Al Jaber Group


1.       How did Fatima's upbringing and education prepare her for her current role? To what extent was Fatima's experience different from other women in the UAE? Discuss also the importance of family values, work-life balance and the leadership styles and gender issues in UAE organization organizations.

2.       What future developments do you see for the Al Jaber Group? How do you see the current role of the father Obaid Al Jaber? What should his primary objective be in the coming years? Discuss also the influence of culture on organizations and family business issues.

3.       What future developments do you see for Fatima in particular? What will be the major challenges for Fatima?

4.       Do you believe Fatima could become the CEO of Al Jaber Group? Would she like to be the CEO? What would mean for Fatima as an individual and for Al Jaber as a family business in this region? Discuss also the organizational life cycle transitions and succession in Al Jaber Group.

Guidelines for Written Case Analysis:

Ø  Provide the summary of the case

Ø  Identify and state clearly the problem(s) or issue(s) faced by the company

Ø  Discuss appropriate theories and/or concepts relevant to the problem and/or issues identified.

Ø  Explain and elaborate your answers to all the questions related to the case (which are at the end of this Course Syllabus) by providing convincing arguments based on relevant theories, concepts and readings from the textbook, or from this or other courses. The questions will be distributed later in the semester.

Ø  Described what you have learned from doing this case. 

Pages: 10

References Required: YES

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The paper is about leadership and the different aspects of leadership that have been bought forward with the help of these two case studies. The first part of the paper deals with the aspects of Transformation leadership where as the second and third are the case studies about two different women who were champions in their domain of work which was largely male oriented. The paper has been prepared in Microsoft word and is of 3200 words.

Reference no: EM13999132

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