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A pop-up agency for the art industryin London. A platform where artist studios and emerging galleries can be temporarily rented by other players in the field seeking exposure. The service consists of arranging short-term lease agreements in order to promote new individuals in the art market and provide access to art related spaces to maximize utility. The service will also offer 3 different packages with varying rates to the client (leaser) which will consider time and the amount of service requested. The levels include: 1) the sole rental of the space(named “new moon”), 2) the rental of the space and a marketing proposal(half moon) and 3) the rental of the space plus the full service of organizing the event(full moon). The space can be leased for a period of either 1-3 days, 3-5 days or 5-7 days. The client has the option to customize the package for an additional fee which is to be determined upon request. An example of a potential client (tenant) is a foreign gallery who would like to test the art market in London by means of a tangible space with exposure and experience in the art sphere. The ideal lessor providing the space is in pursuit of new vitality and diversifying its income stream. The value proposition stimulates both parties.

Task: Do a two-minutes presentation(both ppt and presentation script) about:

1: capital requirement for the company

2: break-even point

3: return on investment(RoI) the presentation script should be around 250 words only.

Remarks: package cost = profit should address Capital and resources – how much money will it cost to run the concept is based in London. Please consider London price and all in pounds.

only 2 minutes so not too many slides are needed.

it is just a business concept and please do a short financial analysis please cite all your reference.

Reference no: EM131422068

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