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1. If you were to borrow $8600 over five years at 0.12 compounded monthly, what would be your monthly payment?

2. Brighton Corp. bought an oil rig exactly 6 years ago for $118,000,000. Brighton depreciates oil rigs straight line over 10 years assuming no salvage value. (Straight line depreciation means that the yearly depreciation will be the purchase price of the oil rig divided by the number of years it will last, which is 10 years here). The rig was just sold to British Petroleum for $27,000,000. What capital gain/loss will Brighton report on this transaction?

Reference no: EM131434877

Foreign corporate tax rate

Assume England raised its corporate tax rate by 1 percentage point from 40% to 41%. How would this raise affect the economics of U.S.-U.K. foreign expansion project?

Discuss the credit process with companies

Discuss the credit process with companies looking to borrow money. What credit application criteria do you think banks give the most consideration? How hard is it for a new

How much value to the unlevered firm per dollar of debt

Given the following information, leverage will add how much value to the unlevered firm per dollar of debt? Corporate tax rate: 30% Personal tax rate on income from bonds: 2

Calculation of after tax return

The Omega Company has some excess cash that it would like to invest in marketable securities for a long-term hold. Its vice-president of finance is planning three investments

Relative frequency table to summarize

Two thousand seven hundred frequent business travelers are asked which midwestern city they prefer: Indianapolis, Saint Louis, Chicago, or Milwaukee. 125 liked Indianapolis

Define ppe and cost in connection with ppe

Define PPE and ‘cost' in connection with PPE.- Define depreciation. Explain what assets need not be depreciated and list the main methods of calculating depreciation.

What is the present value of all future earnings

A rich aunt has promised you $5000 one year from today. In addition, each year after that, she has promised you a payment (on the anniversary of the last payment) that is 5% l

Question on amortization schedule

I need to set up the amortization schedule for $25,000 loan to be repaid in equal installments at the end of next 5 years. The interest rate is 10% compounded annually.


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