Capacity utilization rate-capacity focus and flexibility

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Jill is concerned that the latest short term demand forecast for dog grooming at her fifteenth street dog salon is higher than her salon capacity. As she doesn't want to turn business away, she must find a solution to optimizing the capacity utilization rate, capacity focus, capacity flexibility and capacity levels at this business. Discuss how she should approach this problem and describe the options that she has in capacity planning and her dog salon

Reference no: EM13844126

The more value the customer receives or expects from service

The more value the customer receives or expects from the service, the more patiently the customer will wait. Suggest methods an airline could use to increase a customer’s perc

What is the effective interest cost of this loan

Set up the amortization schedule for a five-year, $1 million, 9 percent term loan that requires equal annual end-of-year principal payments plus interest on the unamortized lo

Affect the performances of the group as a whole

Explain the importance of establishing ground rules and respecting cultures amongst team members. How does diversity within members affect the performances of the group as a w

What did you find helpful with these discussions

While you were a patient in the hospital, can you tell me about any meetings or interactions the staff had with you about your discharge from the hospital prior to going hom

Calculate the new midpoint

Assume a midpoint of $32,000 per year and a 40% range spread. The individual is curretnly being paid at an 83% compa-ratio. The individual receives a 7% pay increase.

Conduct research into a suitable software solution for music

OIM Assignment: Music Mates Report. In this section you should conduct research into a suitable software solution for Music Mates. You should decide on the set of characteri

What would its new total defect level have to be

Julie works at Gentry Flower Shoppe, which operates at the 4 sigma level, with about 6,000 DPMO, which was determined recently. At that time, Gentry was found to have 1,500 to

Burgertown franchise corporation v earnest investments

Andy leases to Burgertown Franchise Corporation a 10,000 square-foot commercial building under a written lease with a twenty-year term, rent payable an­nually. Earnest respond


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