Capacity planning for service and manufacturing businesses

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1. Compare and contrast capacity planning for service and manufacturing businesses.

2. Analyze whether you would like to work in a small business—either as an employee or as a founder, give advantages and disadvantages .

3. Given your personality, background, and experience, does working in or starting a new business appeal to you? What are the reasons for your opinion?

4. Describe an instance of green reverse logistics that you have personally observed or been a part of. If you have no experiences that you can recall, then describe some of the green reverse logistics activities at the company you selected for the final project. (Wal-Mart Inc) Also, address the following questions: Do you believe that these green reverse logistics practices help a company to achieve its sustainability goals? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM132280655

Channel images do not really affect the brand images

Some marketers sense that the image of the particular channel in which they sell their products does not matter, all that matters is that the correct customers shop there and

Cabinet maker produces two types of cabinets

A furniture cabinet maker produces two types of cabinets that house and hide plasma televisions. The Mission-style cabinet requires #340 in materials and 15 labor hours to pro

The constraints should include the major limited factors

What will be the constraints of opening a coffee shop. The constraints should include the major limited factors that affect the project and should have at least 15 constraints

The when looking at leadership at intel

The when looking at leadership at Intel, the top chipmaker, over the course of its history. It’s first leader, Noyce, was the “front man” accorThe when looking at leadership a

Business to business activities

Many towns and small cities have Web sites that they use to interact with their citizens. Describe three departments that should be included on the home page of a small town’s

Develop evaluation criteria use to evaluate vendor proposals

Write a statement of work (SOW) describing the project deliverables and scope of the effort. You will need to make creative assumptions based on the outline provided in the

Economic growth and improve the quality

A developing country wants to become more global, hoping to increase the pace of its economic growth and improve the quality of life for its people. It wants to achieve this

Determine firms optimal aggregate sales and operations plan

The demand forecasts for the next four quarters pertaining to a firm, that produces a single product line, are: 1200, 2000, 1500 and 1000 standard product units, respectively.


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