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Prepare a power point presentation and a short report relating to the capabilities of Solidworks Motion Manager. This presentation is expected to provide the analysis of the simple mechanism. The standard of this presentation will be expected to be of the quality as if you could have to make a presentation to your management at work, convincing them to buy the software.

Slotted Linkage

Model and analyse the slotted pin linkage below. Assume all width of the parts to be 20mm, depth 5mm, pin and slot to be 1Omm and the fixing pins to be 8mm diameter.

The pin A of the hinged link is confined to move in the rotating slot of link 00. The angular velocity of OD is 2rad/sec clockwise and is constant for the interval of motion concerned.

For the position shown, where 00 = 45° and AC = horizontal, determine the velocity of pin A, and the angular acceleration of AC.

2231_Slotted Linkage.png

Reference no: EM131361

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