Cantilevered beam with a rectangular cross section

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A cantilevered beam with a rectangular cross section is loaded by a force perpendicular to the beam centerline at the free end. The cross section is 100mm high and 25 mm wide. The vertical load at the beam end is 40,000 N. Calculate how long the beam should be to give tensile and compression stresses 10 times higher than the maximum shear stress. Also, calculate these stresses.

Reference no: EM13708127

Weight and the air pressure outside the roof hold it down

Movement of stagnant air over a surface typically decreases the pressure that air exerts on the surface it was in contact with, and higher air velocities usually result in mor

Give two applications of manufactured plastics

The main advantages of ceramic math composites over polymer matrix composites is. The phenomenon of sudden failure of ceramics when subjected to a static tensile load over tim

Changes in kinetic and potential energies are negligible

Air is compressed steadily in a compressor from 100kPa and 300 K to 1 Mpa and 500 K. The compressor is not well insulated and a heat loss of 40 KJ/kg occurs during the process

Design heat sink that will dissipate as much heat as

Design a heat sink that will dissipate as much heat as possible - if it is assumed that the base plate is kept at a constant temperature of 380K - Advantages and disadvantag

Is iced water a pure substance

1. Is iced water a pure substance? Why? A piston cylinder device initially contains 50Litres of liquid at 25oC and 300kPa. Heat is added to the water at constant pressure unti

What is the minimum permissible thickness of cylinder wall

A cylinder filled with oil is under pressure from a piston. The diameter d of the piston is 90 mm and the compressive force F is 42 kN. The maximum allowable shear stress in

Determine tube length required for the water

Determine  the  tube  length  required for  the  water vapor  to reach  99%  of  saturation.  What  is  the  rate  at  which energy  must  be  supplied  to  each  tube  to  

Determine wcv expressed in kw

Determine Wcv expressed in kW. (Air at 15psi and 80F enters a compressor with a speed of 200 ft/s. The air exits the compressor at 300psi and 1,000F with a speed of 15 ft/s.


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