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Develop a list of at least five interview questions you would ask a candidate applying for a flight attendant position with Southwest Airlines. What type of interview questions did you develop and why? How would you rate each question and why?

Reference no: EM131279321

What determines the size of a process batch

suppose an operation has excess capacity (i.e., it is not a bottleneck) however the setup time between batches is not insignificant. Should process batches be large or small

Same industry that take up different competitive positions

Identify 2 companies in the same industry that take up different competitive positions (market leader, challenger, follower or nicher). What competitive strategy does each emp

Consumers involvement at the time of ad exposure

Suppose you were faced with the choice between an ad and that attempts to create favorable attitudes by making several strong claims about the product and an ad devoid of such

What management should do to obtain highest expected value

A manufacturing plant has reached full capacity. The company must build a second plant - either small or large at a nearby location. The demand is likely to be high or low. Dr

Variables-objective function and constraints

Green Vehicle Inc., manufactures electric cars and small delivery trucks. It has just opened a new factory where the C1 car and the T1 truck can both be manufactured. Formulat

How might business reduce its liability based on this tort

Per the text, a tort is a violation of duty imposed by the civil law. Define one (1) of the torts from your reading (e.g., the tort of trespass, invasion of privacy, assault,

What role will e-mail play-mobile devices-social networking

You've been appointed as the new chief marketing officer (CMO) for a large packaged goods company. Your CEO has decided that your company will be the premier "relationship" co

Illustrate what is process capability

Illustrate what is process capability. Illustrate what do the process capability indexes tell the company. Illustrate what does the initial control chart tell you. Do any ou


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