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Week 2 Reading Assignment 

“What Is Wrong With Slavery”  R.M. Hare

Hare is conducting an ethical debate on the institution of slavery.  He is writing to justify the use of Utilitarian ethics in resolving the issue. .  Think about and try to answer the following questions in preparation of our class discussion of this reading.

Hare professes to be a Utilitarian Ethicist.  Utilitarian ethics relies on rational evaluation in determining what act will create the greatest good for the greatest number of people.  We will learn more about Utilitarian Ethics during the course.  

Under what moral premise does Hare indicate most people argue against the institution of slavery?

What moral premise does Hare present as a counter argument to those who argue against slavery?

How does Hare define slavery?  How does it differ from other forms of indenture?  What are some examples of indenture that Hare would argue are not slavery?  Why?

What dilemma does Hare present in his story of the two islands of Juba and Camacia?  Does this pose a problem with opposing slavery when using the above explanation of Utilitarian ethics?

Can you find any contradiction in Hare’s arguments on page 177 that would be contradictory to acting in a Utilitarian manner?

What ethical school of thought does Hare attack by referring to them as “simple souls” incapable of higher level rational thinking required in Utilitarian ethics.

Reference no: EM13291419

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