Can the organization satisfy the demand in the market

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Case- Legal and Profitable? Spotify: The Challenges of an Online Music Service, by Joelle BISSONNETTE and Professor Eric BRUNELLE


• Product or Service?

• If product: Product, Price, Place, Promotion (Consider whether consumer/industrial goods, durability of product,...)

• At what stage of the product life cycle is this market? Are we dealing with a new product category or a mature and well-established one?

• If service: what is the process of delivery? What are the qualifications of the service staff (in direct contact with customers)?

• How large is the market for the product/service? Is it growing or shrinking?

• What are the major forces influencing demand for this product/service?

• Is demand of product/service consistent over time? Does the demand fluctuate sharply or in response to temporal or cyclical factors?

• Can the organization satisfy the demand in the market?

• Who are the competitors serving this market and what are their market shares? How and why have these shares been changing over time?

• Are customers loyal to your product/brand?

• How is the market for this product/service segmented?

• What are the demographic characteristics of customers and potential customers in this market? Consider customer's willingness to pay.

• Are there any major customer needs or wants which are not currently being satisfied?

• Is it difficult for customers to switch from your product to competitor's products?

• How closely does the product/service match the need of the market?

• How well do the activities of the organization drive demand?

• How well do the activities of the organization ensure that the product/service is available to the customer at the moment and location of need?

• How would you rate the after-sales service and/or warranty services of the organization?

Collaborators and External Relationships:

• What types of relationships exist? Duration? For what services?

• Whose strengths best complement those of the organization?

• How will each partner benefit from a strategic alliance?

• What are the risks & rewards of collaboration?

Reference no: EM13888791

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