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RCP, Inc hires Lance to design a web page for RCP for $400. Before Lance gets started, RCP asks him to trouble-shoot RCP's computer operating system for an additional $400. Lance agrees. The entire contract is oral. Lance completes the work, but RCP refuses to pay. Lance files suit against RCP, which raises the Statute of Frauds as a defense. Can Lance recover from RCP? If so, how does Lance get around the Statute of Frauds defense?

Reference no: EM13780187

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Wilchcombe was not paid, but was given credit on the album as a producer. After the album had sold 2 million copies, Wilchcombe filed a suit against LJESB, alleging copyrigh

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Do you think that most employees who take legal action against their employers have valid claims or are looking to "get something for nothing?" What is the basis for your op


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