Can believe two flights being full are independent events

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On a certain airline, the chance the early flight from Atlanta to Chicago is full is 0.8. The chance the late flight is full is 0.7. The chance both flights are full is 0.6. Can we believe the two flights being full are independent events?

Reference no: EM13151171

State null hypothesis and alt hypothesis

State the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis. Indicate the type of test to be performed (left-tailed, right-tailed, or two tailed). Provide a statement in terms of t

Regard to the standard deviation

With regard to the standard deviation, illustrate how and why the larger the deviation number, the more difficult it would be to predict an outcome. Use specific examples to

Explain is there a color preference for the raincoats

A raincoat manufacturer wants to know whether customers prefer any specific color over other colors in raincoats. He selects a random sample of 50 raincoats sold and notes t

Fargo police issue an average

______1. A motorist claims that the Fargo Police issue an average of 60 speeding tickets per day.  A random sample of 100 days showed an average of 65 tickets issued with a

A sample of 25 concession stand purchases at the may 12

A sample of 25 concession stand purchases at the May 12 matinee of Spider-Man 3 showed a mean purchase of $ 7.29 with a standard deviation of $ 3.02. For the May 18 evening sh

Find mean-standard deviation of sampling distribution x bar

Find the mean and the standard deviation of the sampling distribution of x bar, and find an interval containing 95.44 percent of all possible sample mean returns.

How large sample is needed to get desired information

He wants to be 95% confident that his estimate is correct. If the standard deviation is $1050, how large a sample is needed to get the desired information and to be accurate

Test hypothesis that more students received a grade

24% of the students in the sample received and A. At the 1% signifiance level, the test hypothesis that more then 20% of the students received and A.


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