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Q1: Can adjustments to environmental conditions (such as temperature changes) play an important role for mammalian circadian systems as a zeitgeber? Does this have anything to do with seasonal affective disorder in humans?

Q2 :Cave studies show that humans have a circadian rhythm of 25 hours. But the day is 24 hours long (about). Why is there a difference?

Q3 :Read Rivas and Burghardt 2001. How would you describe the Umwelt of an anaconda? Rivas, J, and Burghardt, GM. 2001. Understanding sexual size dimorphism in snakes: wearing the snake's shoes. Animal Behaviour, 62, F1 to F6.

Q4 :Based on your understanding of behavioral development, comment on this image.

Q5:Don't like any of these questions? Ask one of your own, andthenanswer it. Note that your question should be substantive, just like youranswer, and the question should be in a format that invites further discussion.Avoid questions like "Why are kittens cute?" or "Are sharks vicious?"

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Reference no: EM13741746

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