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Hanks Western Wear is a western hat retailer in Lubbock, TX.  Although Hanks carries numerous styles of western hats, each hat has approximately the same price and invoice (purchase) cost, as shown in the following table.  Sales personnel receive large commissions to encourage them to be more aggressive in their sales efforts.  Currently, the Lubbock economy is really humming, and sales growth at Hank's has been great.  The business is very competitive, however, and Hank has relied on his knowledgeable and courteous staff to attract and retain customers who otherwise might go to other western wear stores.  Because of the rapid growth in sales, Hank is also finding the management of certain aspects of the business, such as restocking of inventory and hiring and training new salespeople, more difficult.

Sales Price                                     $45.00
Per unit variable expenses
Purchase cost                                   25.50
Sales Commissions                             4.50
Total per unit variable costs             $30.00

Total annual fixed expenses
   Advertising                                      $22000
   Rent                                                 18000
   Salaries                                          185000
Total fixed expenses                         $225000


1. Calculate the annual breakeven point in unit sales and dollar sales

2. If Hank sells 20,000 hats, what is its before-tax income or loss?

3. If Hank's sells 30,000 hats, what is its margin of safety and margin of safety ratio?

4. Hank is considering the elimination of sales commissions completely and increasing salaries by $106,500 annually.  What would be the new breakeven point in units?  What would be the before-tax income or loss if 20,000 hats are sold with the new salary plan?

5. Identify and discuss the strategic and ethical issues in the decision to eliminate sales commissions (see requirement 4)  How do these strategic concerns affect Hank's decision?

Summary of question:

This question is basically belongs to Finance as well as it explains about a condition of a hat business in Texas. Different questions about this scenario such as the computations of breakeven point in unit sales as well as dollar sales, the income tax for selling certain number of hats annually, the impact of breakeven point if commission on sales is replaced with increase in salaries, etc have been answered in the solution in detail with required calculations.

Reference no: EM13826953

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