Calculating short-term liquidity with current ratio

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For each company listed below, calculate the ratios in the table provided and answer the following questions.

601_calculate the ratios.jpg


WD-40 Company


Sirius XM Radio












Operating Margin










Gross Profit Margin





  • Which company has the strongest short-term liquidity as measured by the current ratio?
  • Which company is NOT able to pay off all current liabilities at this time?
  • Which company has very little money tied up in inventory as measured by the quick ratio?
  • Operationally, which company had the best year?
  • Which company has the strongest gross margin, but at the same time has the worst Debt-to-Equity ratio?

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This question is basically belongs to the Finance as well as it discusses about calculating short-term liquidity with current ratio, strongest gross margin, debt to equity ratio, etc for a firm.

Reference no: EM13826381

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