Calculated the values for the loads on the strut
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This portion of the assignment is worth 50% of the PBL grade for the semester.

At this point, you have determined the specifications for load factors, bolt strengths, and the strength of the strut. Also, you calculated distribution of the lift as a function of position across the span and calculated the values for the loads on the strut using this lift distribution. Finally, you put your report in the format provided. Most of the work for this assignment is now done - just a couple more calculations and a cleanup of your report are all that is left to do.

The final phase is to calculate and graph the normal, shear, and bending moments (internal forces) in the wing spar based on the lift distribution you already determined. Add these results to the report you have written and submit the report via Blackboard as a single .pdf file.

Specific things to include in the report are a summary of your calculation process (enough equations to explain how you came up with the numbers), a table of forces / strengths of the strut and bolt along with the safety margin between the calculated load and the strength of the bolt / strut. Plots of the spanwise lift distribution and the internal forces in the wing spar that you are now calculating.

Include the Honor Code on all reports.

Report will be submitted as a group. Each individual is to submit a team-member evaluation (include an evaluation of yourself!)

An example of the results and calculations for part 2 (as done by Prof. Kerns using Matlab) are included for your reference.

Please read the instructions and the format of the report very carefully and tell me ASAP if u can do it. Please don't copy anything from Internet as such things very prohibited in my school.

4-5 pages covering all sections needed and calculations.

Attachment:- Format.rar

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