Calculate what is the average velocity of the groundwater

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An underground gasoline storage tank has leaked benzene into an unconfined aquifer over a period of several months. The aquifer characteristics are: Ambient temperature=8 oC Hydraulic conductivity = 123 ft/day Hydraulic gradient = 0.00091 ft/ft Effective porosity = 0.31 Total organic carbon = 198 mg/kg Bulk density = 1.65 g/cm3 What is the average velocity of the groundwater?

Reference no: EM13304057

How many neurons are required in each layer

A two-layer neural network is to have four inputs and six outputs. The range of the outputs is to be continuous between 0 and 1. What can you tell about the network architec

Compute the sorbed concentration in equilibrium with the

If the pH of the water is raised to 8.5, what is the equilibrium concentration of the chromium (III) in moles/L? (d) What weight (in pounds) of precipitate is formed if ground

How do you classify a structure as determinant

If the design speed of a multilane highway is 60 mph, what is the minimum sight distance that should be provided on the road if (a) the road is horizontal and (b) the road has

Determine the elongation of the cable due to its own weight

determine the elongation of the cable due to its own weight. B. show thet the same elongation would be obtained if the cable were horizontal and if a force equal to half of

What torque is required to drive the disk at 760 rpm

A flat disk spins within an oil-filled enclosure. Clearances between the enclosure to both sides of the disk is 2.3 mm. The disk surface (area subject to shear) extends from

Calculate maximum compressive and maximum tensile stresses

Consider a wide flange steel beam of size W10x60 subjected to a negative bending moment of 24 kip ft. Calculate the maximum compressive and maximum tensile stresses and indic

Determine an equation fox this relationship

The compression curve for a certain clay is a straight line on the semilogarithmic plot, and it passes through the point e = 1.21, et:, as 50 kPa, and e - 0.68, cr,%. 800 kP

Calculate the internal resultant normal force n

Beam AC has been cut at D, and the left section free-body diagram is shown. Calculate the internal resultant normal force N, shear force V , and bending moment at D, M. Use


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