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Your firm designs PowerPoint slides for computer training classes, and you have just received a request to bid on a contract to produce the slides for an 8 session class. From previous experience, you know that your firm follows an 85 percent learning rate. For this contract it appears the effort will be substantial, running 50 hours for the first session. Your firm bills ate rate $100/hour and the overhead is expected to run a fixed $600 per session. The customer will pay you a flat rate per rate per session. If your nominal profit margin is 20 percent, what will be total bid price, the per session price, and at what session will you break even?

Reference no: EM13110937

Determine the objective function and constraints

f there was an opportunity to purchase additional units of each resource (as expressed by the constraints), based on the sensitivity analysis which resource(s) would you consi

Determine the reorder point and the inventory position

The information technology department of State University buys paper for its copier machine frequently. The office manager would like to determine the best quantity to order e

Estimate the cost of schedule and project completion time

The marketing department at State University is working on a project with the following information. The Activity Time is also referred to as the Normal Activity Time and is t

Compute the total cost

The Austin, Texas plant of Computer Products produces disk drives for personal and small business computers. Gerald Knox, the plant's production planning director, is looking

Revenue management

Le Meridien in San Francisco has 160 rooms. The hotel has an ample low fare demand at the room rate of $200 per night, but the demand from the high fare class, which pays $450

How organization predict the short and long term future

How do organization predict the short and long- term future? Explain in detail how a downturn in the economy affects not for profit organizations, as opposed to for profit one

Difference between productivity and its sub components

Describe the differences between productivity and its sub components total measure productivity, partial measure productivity, and multifactor measure productivity.

Case study - office equipment inc

Office Equipment, Inc (OEI), leases automatic mailing machines to business customers in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company built its success on a reputation of providing timely


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