Calculate the volumetric coefficient of thermal expansion

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Example 2.13:

Thermal Expansion of Acetone

Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook provides the following equation for the thermal expansion of liquids (p. 2- 131 in Ref. [2]):
V = V0 (1+ a1 t + a2 t2 + a3 t3)

where V0 is the specific volume at 0 °C, V is the volume at temperature t, and t is in °C. For acetone, the values of the parameters a1 , a2 , a3 , are
a1 = 1.3240 × 10-3a2 = 3.8090 × 10-6a3 = -0.87983 × 10-8.

Calculate the volumetric coefficient of thermal expansion of acetone at 20 °C and the percent increase in volume upon a temperature increase from 20 °Cto30 °C at constant pressure.

Reference no: EM131156717

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