Calculate the value of your savings at end of three years

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(a) You plan to save $500 at the end of each month for the next 2 years. With the expectation of a pay raise, you want to save $850 at the end of each month for 1 year after that. Assuming an interest rate of 1.5% per annum throughout the period of calculation, calculate the value of your savings at the end of 3 years.

(b) It has now been 5 years since you graduated and you plan to take time off to travel. For the next 18 months while you travel, you want to receive $1,000 at the end of each month. Using an applicable interest rate of 2% per annum, how much should you invest in the annuity today?

Reference no: EM131341426

Is cowen position more consistent with robert gordon

Writing in the New York Times, economist Tyler Cowen of George Mason University argued:- Is Cowen's position more consistent with that of Robert Gordon or that of Robert Higgs

Proposed acquisition of a new production machine

Riverview Company is evaluating the proposed acquisition of a new production machine. The machine's base price is $200,000, and installation costs would amount to $28,000. Als

What is the operating cash flow for the project in year two

You are evaluating a project for your company. You estimate the sales price to be $250 per unit and sales volume to be 3,500 units in year 1; 4,500 units in year 2; and 3,000

Expected return on the minimum-variance portfolio

An investor can design a risky portfolio based on two stocks, A and B. The standard deviation of return on stock A is 20%, while the standard deviation on stock B is 15%. The

Required rate of return on the bond

A 10-year bond paying 8% annual coupons pays $1000 at maturity. If the required rate of return on the bond is 7%, then today the bond will sell (rounded to the nearest cent) f

Issues an annual bond-what is the yield to maturity

A firm issues an annual bond today with a $1,000 face value, an 8% annual coupon interest rate, and 25-year maturity. An investor purchases the bond for $900. What is the yiel

Calculate bep-roi-roe and tie ratios for fictitious firm

EBIT was $55 million in 2016, and is expected to remain constant for 2017. The firm is all equity financed, and there are 15 million shares outstanding. The corporate tax rate

Take based on the time value of money

if I were to offer you $5,000 today or $10,000 10 years from now, which would you take based on the time value of money? Or would you need some additional information in order


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