Calculate the value of q required to produce

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One in every 685 children born in the chicoutimi area of quebec province has tyrosinemia. It is cause by having two copies of the receissive allele. Under the assumptions of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, calculate the value of q required to produce this proportion of afflicted newborns.

Reference no: EM13117181

Given the phenotypes of the parents

In 1980, Y. published an extended pedigree of family in which acis-AB allele was inherited . in one case they described a man withtype O blood and a woman with type AB blood

Explain the phenomenon of eutrophication

What is decibel? Name any one source that can produce noise of about 120 decibel. What are the effects of smog on plants? Discuss any three ways how man has disturbed the natu

What simple strategy might the cell adopt

Suppose an aqueous cellular protein has a "patch" of mostly hydrophobic residues on one portion of its surface. What simple strategy might the cell adopt to prevent these hy

What phenotypicratio do you expect for the f2 generation

a. For each of the two traits, which allele is dominant and which is recessive? b. If leaf color and flower color are inherited as independently assorting genes, what phenot

What percentage of zygotes are heterozygous

If a random mating population contains 15% individuals expressing a recessive trait coded by a gene with two alleles, what percentage of zygotes are heterozygous?

Consider intelligent design

Do you consider intelligent design (Christianity) as a science? Why do you believe that individuals have a difficult problem accepting any type of religious explanation to e

Explain the roles of the cap binding site

Explain the roles of the CAP binding site and the operating site in relationship to the 3 proteins required for growth on lactose. Why aren't these proteins produced all the

What is the differentiation of the subterranean root

In a discussion of plant move from water to land, what is the differentiation of the subterranean root? Someone please help me with a "layman's" explanation!


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