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Given the following information for the stock of FosterCompany,calculate its beta.

Current price per share of common Rs.80.00

Expected dividend per share next year Rs.5.00

Constant annual dividend growth rate 7%

Risk free rate of return 6%

Return on market portfolio 10%

ABC Company is considering investing in either of thetwooutstanding bonds. Both bonds have Rs.2,000 par values and10%coupon interest rates and pay annual interests. Bond A hasexactly3 years to maturity, and bond B has 5 years tomaturity.

a) Calculate the value of bond A if the required rate of returnis14%.

b) Calculate the value of bond B if the required rate of returnis14%.

c) If ABC wants to minimize the Interest Rate Risk, whichbondshould be purchased? Why.

Reference no: EM13331722

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