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The following information is available about the operations of a local Starbucks store.

A. There are three employees in the store:

Cashier who takes all orders and pours drip coffee.

Frozen drink maker who prepares blended and iced drinks.

Espresso drink maker who prepares espressos, lattes and steamed drinks.

B. Three types of drinks are offered:

Drip coffee: takes the cashier 20 seconds on average to pour a cup of coffee.

Blended and iced drink: takes the frozen drink maker 2 minutes on average to make one.

Espresso drink: takes the Espresso drink maker 1.5 minutes on average to make one.

C. Average customer demand rate (i.e., ) for each type of drink:

Drip coffee: 50 per hour.

Blended and iced drink: 20 per hour.

Espresso drink: 40 per hour.

We also know that each customer spends 20 seconds on average with the cashier to order and pay.

Calculate the utilization of the three employees.

As an effort to improve operations, the manager has cross-trained the frozen drink maker and the Espresso drink maker, i.e., now each of them can make both frozen and espresso drinks. What is the utilization of the two drink makers combined, i.e., if we consider the two drink makers as a workstation, what is the utilization of the workstation?

Reference no: EM131233909

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