Calculate the total pressure drop due to friction

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A pipeline connecting two tanks contains four standard elbows, a globe valve that is fully open, and a gate valve that is half open. The line is commercial steel pipe, 25 mm internal diameter, length 120 m. The properties of the fluid are: viscosity 0.99 mNm-2 s, density 998 kg/m3. Calculate the total pressure drop due to friction when the flow rate is 3500 kg/h

Reference no: EM13883962

Determine the amounts of chlorine as ca(ocl)2 and naoh

A plating waste with a flow of 50 L/min contains 274 mg/L of NaCN. Determine the amounts of chlorine as Ca(OCl)2 and NaOH required to: (a) Oxidize the cyanide to cyanide; and

Estimate the capital cost of a plant to produce 20,000

The process used in the manufacture of aniline from nitrobenzene is described in Appendix F, Design Problem F.8, which is available in the online material at booksite.Elsevi

Distillation and membrane separation steps

A mixture of ethanol and benzene is separated in a network of distillation and membrane separation steps. In one intermediate step, a near-azeotropic liquid mixture of 8,000

Which of the them arrangement would give highest product

Two stirred tanks of volume "V" and "2V" are available for carrying out a first order irreversible reaction at constant density and temperature. If the flow rate of feed str

Determine blood urea concentration as a function of time

5. A patient is placed on a kidney dialysis unit three times a week. The dialyzer has a membrane area of 1 m2 and is operated in a countercurrent mode. The blood flow rate is

Determine the turbine efficiency

Assuming adiabatic operation and negligible changes in kinetic and potential energies, determine the turbine efficiency, i.e., the ratio of actual work of the turbine to the

Procedure to prevent recurrence of an incident

The chemical reactor shown below has a cover (called a head) that is held in place by a series of bolts. The head is made of stainless steel (SG = 8.0), is 3 in. thick, has

Evaluate the relative stability of the system

Evaluate the stability using Rouths Hurwartz criterion and obtain the range of K value for the stability under various controllers and evaluate the relative stabilit


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