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The following are the minimal requirements to complete each lab assignment.

• Required course textbook
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 software or more recent
• Internet browser: Internet Explorer 8 or more recent
• Windows Operating System: Windows 7 or more recent is recommended

Complete the weekly labs based on the following:

• Write the code for each exercise.
• Take a screen shot of each completed Case Programming Assignment.
• Take a screen shot of each completed Guided Development Program problems.
• The code, along with a correlating screen shot, is to be submitted in a single zip file in the online course shell. It must contain any additional files that may be necessary for your project to run (ex: text files).
• Any and all written answers must be entered into the online course shell with the submission of the attached lab assignment.
Each lab assignment will be graded based on the following:

1. The program must compile, execute, produce correct results, and meet all of the specifications in the weekly lab.
Additionally you must:

2. Organize the code for user readability.

3. Organize the code for reusability.

4. Provide documentation with embedded comments for reader understanding.

5. Organize the code for efficiency.


Application Tide: Alamo Tour

Purpose: This Windows Desktop application allows a user to select Alamo guided tours, weekend or weekday tows, and the number of tickets. The total cost with tax is computed.

Program Procedures: A user can select an Alamo tour, weekend or weekday, and the number of tickets, and then calculate the total cost of the tickers with tax.

Algorithms Processing and Conditions: 1. The wet enters the Alum tow (Alamo Story $ 19, Alamo Story with Battleground Tour $ 29, or the Mission Trail Deluxe Tow $ 49), weekend or weekday (10% discount), and the number of tickers needed. The type of Alamo Tour is selected from a CamboBax object. The other objects are not visible until the user selects this option.

2. A different Function procedure will healed for each tour to calculate the total cost of the tickets. Another Function will be called to compute the tax, regardless of which tour is selected.

3. Two typo city tours are =liable: weekend and weekday. The weekday tours receive a 10% discount before taxes.

4. Display the subtotal with applicable discount city tax (12%), and final total of the tickets purchased.

Notes and Restrictions: 1. Validate input by using Try-Catch blocks in separate procedures as needed.

2. Use separate Sub and Functions for nth portion of this program.

Comments: I. The program opens with 2 splash serene that is displayed for approximately five seconds.

2. Obtain images for this program from The name ache picture for the Windows form Is Alamo.


1. The user views the opening splash screen for five seconds.

2. The user selects which [we of tow tickets and whether they desire a weekend or weekday tour. 3. The user enters the number of tickets needed.

4. The user taps or docks the Calculate Cast button or presses Enter to display the final cost.

Reference no: EM131157422

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