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Bill’s Bakery expects earnings per share of $3.22 next year. Current book value is $5.2 per share. The appropriate discount rate for Bill’s Bakery is 14 percent. Calculate the share price for Bill’s Bakery if earnings grow at 4 percent forever. (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answer to 2 decimal places. Omit the "$" sign in your response.)

Reference no: EM131027136

Approximate-exact expected real risk premiums on portfolio

Consider the following information about three stocks: Rate of Return If State Occurs State of Probability of Economy State of Economy Stock A Stock B Stock C Boom .20 .34 .46

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A $1, 000, 000 business loan with an annual effective rate of 15% is being repaid with annual payments of $200, 000 plus a smaller final payment. The first payment is due one

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Selena Gomez has asked you to analyze the following stock as a possible investment. It's most recent dividend was $1.95. Selena believes that the dividend will grow at the rat

What was most recent dividend per share paid on stock

Teder Corporation stock currently sells for $40 per share. The market requires a 14 percent return on the firm's stock. If the company maintains a constant 7 percent growth ra

Stock repurchase announcement will increase stock price

Additional problem: The equity of a certain company has a market value for $3 million. It currently has 300,000 shares outstanding, and a book value of equity of $1,095,000. I

Using the cost-benefit analysis method

Using the cost-benefit analysis method , estimate how much money MidCorp should spend on power protection. You will have to make several assumptions to do this. Your answer sh

What is the lenders yield rate on this entire investment

A twenty-year loan of $25000 is negotiated with the borrower agreeing to repay principal and interest at 5%. A level payment of $1500 will apply during the first ten years, an

Net working capital and depreciates the asset straight line

Step By Step way to answer this question answer from my professor is -13,282.71 What is the NPV of a project that costs $100,000, provides $23,000 in cash flows annually for s


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