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The average demand for January has been 80, and the average annual demand has been 1800. Calculate the seasonal index for January. If the company forecasts annual demand next year at 2000 units, what is the forecast for January next year?

Reference no: EM131028168

Construct a p -chart that plots the percentage of patients

Construct a p -chart that plots the percentage of patients unsatisfied with their meals. Set the control limits to include 99.73% of the random variation in meal satisfactio

Justify the recommendation on employee burnout

The vice-president of administration at your company wonders whether employees are taking adequate amounts of vacation time. Employee burnout is a concern. What factors should

Injection molding department of company uses average

The injection molding department of a company uses an average of 30 gallons of special lubricant a day. The supply of the lubricant is replenished when the amount on hand is 1

Compute the cost rate for the system with servers

Hilton Garden Inn in Atlanta needs to decide whether to have 2 or 3 operators answering calls from customers and hotel guests. The hourly wage of a customer service representa

Describe the importance of the three items in meeting

Creativity Describe the importance of the three items in meeting organizational objectives. Include at least one source other than the textbook. Format your paper consistent

How much is total annual costs of ordering-holding inventory

Steve's Tire and Lube (inventory policy) A continuous review policy is used for all car parts and supplies, but Steve believes this system may require too much time to maintai

Explain how your citation meets the four elements

The OSHA Field Operations Manual (FOM) and any additional information you can find in OSHA compliance directives or standards interpretations, describe a situation involving

Describe one potential ethical issue associated

Background of the case: Incorporated Media is a relatively new company that is capitalizing on the growing success of YouTube celebrities and hit YouTube series. Describe one


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