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Crude dichlorobenzene is pumped from a storage tank to a distillation column.

The tank is blanketed with nitrogen and the pressure above the liquid surface is held constant at 0.1 bar gauge pressure. The minimum depth of liquid in the tank is 1 m.

The distillation column operates at a pressure of 500 mmHg (500 mm of mercury, absolute). The feed point to the column is 12 m above the base of the tank. The tank and column are connected by a 50 mm internal diameter commercial steel pipe, 200 m long. The pipe run from the tank to the column contains the following valves and fittings: 20 standard radius 90° elbows, two gate valves to isolate the pump (operated fully open), an orifice plate, and a flow-control valve.
If the maximum flow rate required is 20,000 kg/h, calculate the safe working pressure of the pipe. Take the pump efficiency as 70% and allow for a pressure drop of 0.5 bar across the control valve and a loss of 10 velocity heads across the orifice.

Density of dichlorobenzene 1300 kg/m3, viscosity 1.4 cp.

Reference no: EM131156961

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