Calculate the resistance between hemisphere and a concentric

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Application: Ground resistance of electrodes. A ground electrode is built in the form of a hemisphere, of radius a = 0.1 m, buried in the ground, flush with the surface as shown in Figure 7.39. Calculate the contact resistance (resistance between the wire and surrounding ground). You may assume the ground is a uniform medium infinite in extent, with conductivity σ= 0.1 S/m. Hint. Calculate the resistance between the hemisphere and a concentric conducting surface at infinity. Note. This is an important calculation in design of lightning and power fault protection systems.


Reference no: EM131194112

Estimate the bulk density of the bag contents

Limestone (calcium carbonate) particles are stored in 50-L bags. The void fraction of the particulate matter is 0.30 (liter of void space per liter of total volume) and the

Determine the induced voltage at full load

A 100-kW, 250-V shunt generator has an armature-circuit resistance of 0.05 Ω and a field circuit resistance of 60 Ω. With the generator operating at rated voltage,

Explain the effect of insulating a hot surface

Explain the effect of insulating a hot surface - What is meant by the economic thickness of lagging and determine the convective heat transfer coefficient -Describe what is wr

What will the slip ring voltage be in this case

If the slip-ring voltage is 400 V, when the rotor frequency is 120 Hz, at what speed must the rotor be driven in order to give 150 Hz at the slip-ring terminals? What will t

Temperature of the reaction mixture

The heat capacity of thereactants and products are 1.95 kJ/kg-K, the volumetric flow rate is 0.33 m3/hr, and the feedtemperature is 20oC. If the conversion is 95%, calculate

Write the steady state heat equations and boundary condition

The heat transfer coefficient is h, ambient temperature T∞, surroundings temperature and surface emissivity is T∞.- write the steady state heat equations and boundary conditio

Calculate the total pressure drop due to friction

The line is commercial steel pipe, 25 mm internal diameter, length 120 m. The properties of the fluid are: viscosity 0.99 mNm-2 s, density 998 kg/m3. Calculate the total pre

Vapour leaving the top of adistillation column

A condenser is required to condense n-propanol vapour leaving the top of adistillation column. The n-propanol is essentially pure, and is a saturated vapourat a pressure of


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