Calculate the required area of an air to air heat exchange

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1.Calculate the required area of an air to air heat exchange to cool 20,000 cfm from 1200 F to 400 F. Assume ambient air at 80 F will be heated to 800 F by the exchange. Assume heat losses are 10 % and that the overall heat transfer coefficient is 1.0 Btu/hr-ft^2- °F

2.The bar DA is rigid and is originally held in the horizontal position when the weight W is supported from C. If the weight causes B to be displaced downward 0.025 in., determine the strain in wires DE and BC. Assume that the wires BC and DE have an area of 0.002 in2, and
E = 29,000 ksi.

Reference no: EM13536843

What is the maximum internal pressure for the maximum stress

If the maximum stress that the tank can sustain equals 22.857 ksi, determine the required thickness (to the nearest 1/4 inch). If the tank wall thickness is specified to be

Determine the distance required for the police officer

Car A is traveling at a constant speed va= 130 km/h at a location where the speed limit is 100 km/h. The police officer in car P observes this speed via radar. At the moment w

What will be allowable compressive stress in extreme fibers

A) Compute the maximum fiber stress. B) If the compression flange of the beam is supported laterally only at the ends of the span, what will be the allowable compressive str

Why were these chosen for their particular situations

Determine the construction of a number of partitions in the places where you live and work. What materials are used? What accessories? Why were these chosen for their partic

Calculate the angular acceleration of link ab and link bc

If OA has a constant counterclockwise angular velocity of 10rad/s, calculate the angular acceleration of link AB and link BC for the position where the cordinates of A are x

What is the corresponding amplitude of the acceleration

calculate the amplitude F0 of the sinusoidal excitation force that is necessary to produce a steady-state vibration with a velocity amplitude of 10 m/s at resonance. what is

Find how much does the student owe at the interest rate

The compound interest formula is F=P(1+i)n where F is the total amount due, P is the initial cost or amount of money, i is the interest rate, and n is the number of periods

Find the final volume and temperature for both cases

A handheld pump for a bicycle (Fig. P6.91) has a volume of 25 cm3 when fully extended. You now press the plunger (piston) in while holding your thumb over the exit hole so th


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