Calculate the probability that two unrelated individuals

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In forensic analysis, you used VNTR probes that have an allelic sharing frequency of 0.11. Therefore, the probability of the presence of any bands in two unrelated individuals is 0.06 (D). Calculate the probability that two unrelated individuals will share the same seven DNA bands.

Reference no: EM132280003

Explain how restriction enzyme digestion results

Explain how a molecular biologist could determine whether acut-site was in the middle of an antibiotic- resistance gene. Explain how restriction enzyme digestion results would

The forests biodiversity and ecosystem services

Based on the results of your investigation, what conclusions could you draw about the relationship between a muscle's workload and its threshold of stimulation.

Describe the flow of information in protein production

A wrongly folded form of protein in brain cells which can cause diseases such as chronic wasting disease in deer and elk is the result of A) bacteria B) viruses C) retroviru

Explain what would be the phenotypes

Genes a and b are linked and separated by 10 map units (percent recombination). What would be the phenotypes, and the probability of each, among progeny of the following cro

Anaerobic fermentation in practice

What causes the pH to change in naturally fermented foods such as kimchi? Did you notice if you were breathing more heavily during vigorous exercise? How does this relate to

Biblical basis of life significance

Evaluate and analyze the arguments in the presentation "Biblical Basis of Life's Significance," found in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 1. Construct a single sent

Enzyme charges at trnamolecule with appropriate amino acid

Which enzyme charges at tRNAmolecule with the appropriate amino acid? An alpha helix and a beta-pleated sheet aretypes of, Ribozymes in the large ribosomal subunitcatalyze pep

How are these differences correlated with the two types

Myosin action differs from that of kinesin in that one of the kinesin heads is always in contact with a microtubule, whereas both myosin heads become completely detached fro


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