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1. Which company you advise Sam to invest in: Glass Co. or Zinc Co.? Justify why?

2. What is the value of real interest rate in each last three investment opportunities? Can we consider any of them as loss?

3. Once Sam starts his investment activities, he may experience potential risks, shall he inform his bank (Sun Bank) about? Why? If he did not, what this situation called?

4. What is better for Sam, to payback his house bank loan (remaining $30000)? Or invest this money? Justify why?

5. Suppose that Sam invested his $1million in the commercial bond of the IntTrade Corp., they promised to pay him USD 230000 annually for 5 years, calculate the present value (PV) for this investment?

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in stock market?

Reference no: EM13932791

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