Calculate the powers p1 and p2 dissipated across r1 and r2

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A battery E (e.m.f 12v and internal resistance 0.8 ohms) and a resistor R1 (10 ohms) are connected in series across two parallel resistors (R2 = 12 ohms, R3 = 18 ohms).
i) Draw the circuit diagram, determine the battery terminal voltage.
ii) Calculate the powers P1 and P2 dissipated across R1 and R2 respectively

Reference no: EM13266054

How many bits are the virtual and physical page numbers

Consider a virtual memory system that can address a total of 232 bytes. You have unlimited hard drive space, but are limited to only 8 MB of semiconductor (physical) memory.

Write down expressions for e of the wave in both domains

A 150MHz sinusoidal plane wave propagates inair at 30degrees with respect to the +x-axis in the x-y plane. TheE-fiels is polarized parallel to the plane of incidence and has

What must nc-nse turns ratio be to accomplish connection

An autotransformer is used to connect a 12.6-kV distribution line to a 13.8-kV distribution line. It must be capable of handling 2000 kVA. There are three phases, connected

By inspection of part a sketch trigonometric fourier spectra

f(t) = (2+j2)e^(-3jt)+j2e^(-jt)+3-j2e^(jt)+(2-j2)e^(j3t) a) Sketch the exponential fourier spectra b) By inspection of part a sketch the trigonometric Fourier spectra c) Find

Design the simplest circuit that can be used to raise alarm

A given system has four sensors that can produce an output of 0 or 1.The system operates properly when exactly 1 of the sensors has its output equal to 1.An alarm must be ra

Sketch bode plot of magnitude of closed loop gain to scale

A certain internally compensated (dominant pole) op amp has a dc gain of 200,000 and 3 dB bandwidth of 5 Hz. Sketch the Bode plot of the magnitude of the open loop gain to s

What is the data transmission rate

Suppose that data are stored on a 1.4-Mbyte floppy diskettes that weight 30 g each. Suppose that an airliner carries 10,000 kg of those floppies at a speed of 1000 km/h over

Find the input power-pin to calculate the snr

an amplifier with a 1 MHz bandwidth and a 20 micro-V input signal. The input noise = 1 micro-V, output signal = 6.0 mV, and output noise = 1 mV. Find (a) SNR at the input Pi


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