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Calculate the potential energy of an object that has a mass of 100 kilograms and falls a distance of 100 meters from a cliff. given: mass = 100 kilograms g = 10 m/s (subscript) 2 height = 100 m 

Reference no: EM13181131

Tool of analysis-class-gender-race

I'm taking a Mosaic class (Humanities) and our professor gave us something called "tool of analysis" 1- Class 2- Gender 3- Race, and Corse themes such as journeys, self and ot

Affect vapor for first pressure temperature data pair record

Consider what would happen if you did not let the temperature of the flask reach equilibrium with the temperature of the water bath for the air + vapor pressure measurement. 

Briefly explain the two doctrines

Briefly explain the two doctrines, and give an example of how each one has been applied in Central America. Select an example of U.S. intervention in a Latin American country.

Democrats were disqualified from holding political office

Because so many Democrats were disqualified from holding political office as a result of their support for the Confederacy, the Republican party was able to dominate Texas pol

What does irb do to protect research participant from harm

What does the IRB do to protect a research participant from harm? One of the reasons for the existence of the IRB has to do with screening research applications. What is the b

Flexible manufacturing and lean manufacturing

How do flexible manufacturing and lean manufacturing differ from other manufacturing technologies? Why are these new approaches needed in today's environment? 250 words or mor

How does encapsulation assist older thinkers

How does encapsulation assist older thinkers?  Which statement between adult learners and their younger counterparts is true?  What conclusion is most accurate regarding the

Small refracting spy glass telescope

A small refracting spy glass telescope has an objective lens with a diameter of 2 inches. The world's largest refracting telescope at yerkes observatory has an objective lens


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