Calculate the potential emissions of toluene

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A stream of gas flowing at 15,000 scfm contains 20 ppm of toluene. Assuming the process operates 8500 hours per year, calculate the potential emissions of toluene, tons/year. What kind of a system should be considered to control this stream, and why?

Reference no: EM13720652

Calculate the equivalent levelized price over 20 years

Assuming that the price of fuel is $5.00/GJ and is increasing at a rate of 4%/ year while the discount rate is 6%, calculate the equivalent levelized price over 20 years.

Identify a cost-effective rectangular duct section

The vertical clearance available for ductwork is 12 in. Identify a cost-effective rectangular duct section that meets these clearance and equivalent diameter requirements. A

Compute the maximum deflection using the formula method

It is subjected to a uniformly distributed load of 4 kN/m and two concentrated loads of 40 kN each applied at the third points of the span.- Compute the maximum deflection u

Determine the flow depth and froude number of the flow

A rectangular, unfinished concrete channel of 28-ft width is laid on a slope of 8 ft/mi. Determine the flow depth and Froude number of the flow if the flowrate is 400 ft3/s.

Temperature of the stack gas

Methane is completely burned with 20% excess air, with 30% of the carbon going to CO. What is the partial pressure of the CO in the stack gas if the barometer reads 740 mm Hg,

Determine the deflection for this shaft at the center

A torque T is introduced from the right end of the shaft and removed at the gear wheel. The number of stepped section is given, however the length of each section and their

Describing what a natural monopoly

Write a 3-4 page paper describing what a "Natural Monopoly" is and whether you think the government should treat telephone, cable or broadcasting companies as "Natural Mon

Pulley system and motor

The 50-lb load is hoisted by the pulley system and motor M. If the crate starts from rest and by constant acceleration attains a speed of 15 ft/s after rising s = 6 ft, dete


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