Calculate the polar moment of inertia
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Calculate the polar moment of inertia of an assembly and using the result to predict the periodic time of a trifilar suspension of the assembly.


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This lab report compares the calculated moment of inertia (Theoretical values) and the moment of inertia attained from the trifilar suspension set up during the lab session. It then compares both values in order to calculate the error percentage.


The trifilar suspension is used to settle on the moments of inertia of a body about an axis passing through its mass center. The equipment comprises of a circular platform hungd by 3 equi-spaced wires of equal length. The body under concern is placed with its mass centre precisely in the middle of the circular platform. The platform is given a small circular dislocation about the vertical axis through its center, and is unconstrained. The periodic time of the subsequent motion is got hold of by calculating the time taken to complete a specific number of

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