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1. The length of recorded history for humankind is about 5000 years.  Clearly, most people view this span as being very long. How does it compare to the length of geologic time? Calculate the percentage or fraction of geologic time that is represented by recorded history. To make calculations easier, round the age of Earth to the nearest billion.

2. After entering a dark room, you turn on a wall switch, but the light does not come on. Suggest at least three hypotheses that might explain this observation. Once you have formulated your hypotheses what is the next logical step?

3. How is the Earth's inner core different from its outer core?

4. The Earth is considered a dynamic planet, compared to the Moon or Mercury. Why?

5. The moon has virtually no magnetosphere. Why?

6.  Explain how the principle of uniformitarianism allows for catastrophic events.

7. The concentric layer that makes up most of Earth's volume- is it?

A. the inner core         B. outer core   C. mantle         D. Asthenosphere       E. crust

Reference no: EM13280171

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