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for the gear train to the right, an input power of 0.75 HP is delivered at 1550 RPM, calculate: a) the overall train value. b) the output rational speed at shaft 5. c) the output torque at shaft 5. Relevant gear data is= NA= 17, NB= 36, NC= 19, ND= 41, worm E = double lead, worm G = triple lead, NH= 37?

Reference no: EM13212344

Determine the acceleration of b relative to a

A 250-kg crate B is suspendedform a cable attached to a 20-kg trolley A which rides on aninclined I-beam as shown.Knowing that at the instant shownthe trolley has an acceler

An elevator is hung by a steel rope

An elevator is hung by a steel rope. The rope has a cross-sectional area of 250mm2 and a modulus of elasticity of 70 GPa. the upward acceleration when the elevator starts is 4

Entering air velocity and exit air temperature are met

The electronic components of a computer are cooled by air flowing through a fan mounted at the inlet of the electronic enclosure. At steady state, air enters at 18oC, 1 atm. F

Find the maximum-likelihood estimator

Find the maximum-likelihood estimator for estimating amplitude only with data treated as a random nuisance parameter and averaged out. How do these three estimators compare?

Determine an expression for force transmissibility

Consider again the ground-based mechanical oscillator as shown in Figure P3.29a and analyzed in Problem 3.29. Repeat the analysis, this time using the concepts of Thevenin o

Is the flow subcritical or supercritical

A rectangular channel with a width of 6.0 feet conveys a discharge of 115 cfs. If the depth of flow is 3.0 feet, what is the velocity? What is the Froude num- ber? Is the fl

Calculate the total spl delivered to the listener

The rear two speakers each deliver 75 dB. Assuming all measurements are made at the same listener location, calculate the total SPL delivered to the listener. What percent o

Power required to operate this air-conditioning system

An air-conditioning system operating on the reversed Carnot cycle is required to transfer heat from a house at a rate of 727 kJ/min to maintain its temperature at 21°C. If the


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