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A share of stock with a beta of 0.66 now sells for $48. Investors expect the stock to pay a year-end dividend of $2. The T-bill rate is 5%, and the market risk premium is 8%.

a.  Suppose investors believe the stock will sell for $50 at year-end. Calculate the opportunity cost of capital. Is the stock a good or bad buy? What will investors do? (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your opportunity cost of capital calculation as a whole percentage rounded to 2 decimal places.)

b. At what price will the stock reach an "equilibrium" at which it is perceived as fairly priced today? (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answer to 2 decimal places.)

Reference no: EM132281246

Monopolist produces product which has high investment cost

A monopolist produces a product which has high investment cost. The marginal cost of the product is very small ( negligible ) . The monopolist has a patent for the product. a.

Frictional and structural unemployment

Discuss possible solutions (private and/or government) to cyclical, frictional, and structural unemployment. Please note that this question requires you to read ahead, and it

Flu shots in physicians and licensed physician assistants

Suppose we allocate a budget for flu shots between physicians and licensed physician assistants. Let MBP equal the marginal benefit from physician administering flu shot and M

Assume economy started at general equilibrium

By using an AD-AS model (Keynesian), what are the effects of a recession (which was caused by a decrease in aggregate demand). Assume economy started at general equilibrium. L

Discussing multiple sub-parts of healthcare operations

Give examples of the ‘treatment, payment, and healthcare operations' exceptions to the Privacy Rule. Consider examining and discussing the multiple sub-parts of the ‘healthcar

Did the equipment purchase prove to be desirable

a finn purchased some equipment at a price of $30000, the resulted in an annual net saving of $1000 per year during the 8 year period. at the end of the 8th year, the equipm

Deep web assessment exercise

Deep web assessment exercise IS 301( business writing class) Using business source premier, conduct a keyword search for an article about outsourcing. Browse the result page a

Applying the liquidity preference model

Applying the liquidity preference model describe the following impact on interest rates: a. An open market sale by the Federal Reserve. b. Explain the effect of an open market


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