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Suppose you are 46 and have a $180,000 face amount, 14-year, limited-payment, participating policy (dividends will be used to build up the cash value of the policy). Your annual premium is $630. The cash value of the policy is expected to be $7,200 in 14 years. Using time value of money and assuming you could invest your money elsewhere for a 8 percent annual yield, calculate the net cost of insurance. UseExhibit 1-B. (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round time value factor to 3 decimal places and final answer to the nearest whole dollar.)

Reference no: EM131179105

What annual percentage return must the stock mutual fund

You are going to invest in a stock mutual fund with a 5 percent front-end load and a 1.4 percent expense ratio. You also can invest in a money market mutual fund with a 6 perc

Debt and common equity in capital structure

Northern Pacific Heating and Cooling Inc. has a 6-month backlog of orders for its patented solar heating system. To meet this demand, management plans to expand production cap

Receivables enough to reduce dso to benchmarks average

1- Last year Vaughn Corp. had sales of $315,000 and a net income of $17,832, and its year-end assets were $210,000. The firm's total-debt-to-total-assets ratio was 42.5%. Base

The lower the present value of a given future cash flow

The present value of a given amount increases as the number of years over which it is to be discounted decreases. The higher the discount rate, the lower the present value of

Calculate the share price for bills bakery

Bill’s Bakery expects earnings per share of $3.22 next year. Current book value is $5.2 per share. The appropriate discount rate for Bill’s Bakery is 14 percent. Calculate the

Incremental after-tax cash flows from operations

Artie's Soccer Ball Company is considering a project with the following cash flows: Initial outlay = $750,000 Incremental after-tax cash flows from operations Years 1-4 = $250

Calculate the present value of the cash inflows

Southern California Publishing Company is trying to decide whether to revise its popular textbook, Financial Psychoanalysis Made Simple. The company has estimated that the rev

What is the internal growth rate

The most recent financial statements for Shinoda Manufacturing Co. are shown below: Income Statement Balance Sheet Sales $ 63,600 Current assets $ 25,000 Debt $ 41,200 Costs 4


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