Calculate the local heat flux

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Water at 290 K flows at 1 m/s along a flat plate. For x< 10 cm, Ts=290 K, whereas for 10<x< 30 cm, Ts=310 K. Calculate the local heat flux at x= 0.3 m and compare your result with the heat flux if the plate were isothermal at 310 K.

Reference no: EM13996970

Function of discrete-time prototype low-pass filter

Let H/ z ) be the system function of a discrete-time prototype low-pass filter. Consider a new discrete-time low-pass filter whose system function H( z ) is obtained by repl

Assume the drainpipes are the same height as the building

Galvanized iron drainpipes of diameter 50 mm are located at the four corners of a building, but three of them become clogged with debris. Find the rate of downpour (cm/min) at

Derive the equation of motion for the mass m

Derive the equation of motion for the mass m in terms of z, the displacement of the mass relative to the frame. Assume small displacements and neglect all masses except m.

Find the discharge for free flow

A 3-inch diameter orifice cut in a thin orifice plate conveys flow from a deten- tion basin with water level at elevation 472.00 feet. The center of the orifice is at elevat

Angular velocity and angular acceleration of the slotted arm

If a slider block C is fixed to the disk that has a constant counter clockwise angular velocity of 4 rad/sec, determine the angular velocity and angular acceleration of the sl

Local acceleration of gravity

If the density of the water is 62.4 lb/ft3, what is the mass of water stored in the tower, in lb, when the tank is full? What is the weight, in lbf, of the water if the loca

Compute all internal angles of given the lengths

The bearing and distances of the traverse with stations 1,2,3 and 4 together with the radiations to the corners A,B,C and D of the building are shown below. The coordinates

Explain glass transition temperature

Explain glass transition temperature? Present some of the key properties and typical uses of Al2O3? What are main ingredients used in making Pig Iron and how is the oxygen rem


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