Calculate the intrinsic value of lava development shares

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Question - Lava Development Company has maintained stable earnings of $7 per share, and has also maintained a 100% payout policy. Recently, Lava has decided to start a new line of business to develop luxury housing with scenic views of active volcanoes. The new line will require Lava to change to a policy of retaining 30% of its earnings for the foreseeable future. You estimate that with the new line of business that dividends will grow by 2% per year in perpetuity (after next year). Lava's current discount rate is 12%.

a. Calculate the intrinsic value of Lava Development shares?

b. Calculate Lava's net present value of growth opportunities?

Reference no: EM132185277

Inventory information for several oil paintings follows

Specific identification method. Boston Galleries uses the specific identification method for inventory valuation. Inventory information for several oil paintings follows.

Problem regarding the required rate of return

The No-zip Snap Company had net earnings of $127,000 this past year. Dividends were paid of $38,100 on the company's equity of $1,587,500. If No-Zip has 100,000 shares outst

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A financial advisor tells you that you can make your child a millionaire if you just start saving early. You decide to put an equal amount every year into an investment accoun

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The other costs $320,000, also lasts 5 years, and generates pretax cost savings of $60,000. Both are depreciated straight line. The tax rate is 40%. Neither machine will be

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The possibility of a straight flush is 10*4 divided by Combination(52, 5) when you are dealt a hand of 5 random cards. But what if the first card you draw is the 7 of diamon

Bond rating agencies have invested significant sums of money

Bond rating agencies have invested significant sums of money in an effort to determine which quantitative and non-quantitative factors best predict bond defaults. Further

Initial cost of the plant

The company is considering a new plant that will cost $125 million to build. When the company issues new equity, it incurs a flotation cost of 10%. The flotation cost on new

Question on project evaluation

ABC company purchased a machine 5 years ago at cost of $100000. The machine had an expected life of 10 years at the time of purchase, and an expected salvage value of $10,00


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