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A 4-ft-long, 1-in.-diameter shaft rotates inside an equally long cylinder that is 1.02 in. in diameter. Calculate the torque required to rotate the inner shaft at 2000 rpm if SAE-30 oil at 70°F fills the gap. Also, calculate the horsepower required. Assume concentric cylinders.

Reference no: EM131256187

Positive pressure relative to adjacent spaces

1. In 1998, owing to a mix-up over units, the NASA Mars Climate Orbiter veered off-course and was lost. What was the mix-up? 2. Operating rooms in hospitals typically have a p

Dry-bulb temperature of the air as it exits the heating coil

In a heating/humidifying system moist air first flows through a heating coil and then through an air washer. The air enters the system at 55 °F dry-bulb temperature and 40 % r

Typical of creep at the low temperatures

If m = 5, as is typical of creep at the low temperatures used for stress relieving, σ o = 5000 psi, E = 10 × 106 psi, and C = 6 × 10-22(psi)-5/h at the annealing temperature,

Determine the final temperature

A closed, rigid tank is filled with a gas modeled as an idea gas, initially at 27 degrees C and a gage pressure of 300 kPa. The gas is heated, and the gage pressure at the fin

Percentage of error involved in treating carbon dioxide

For an upcoming performance of the Tchaikovsky’s The Year1812, you need some very well-timed simulated cannon fire sounds, and decide to use a series of 2-liter soda bottles f

Define and design a hollow steel shaft to transmit

Hollow shaft transmitting power with shear limits. Design a hollow steel shaft to transmit 300 hp at 75 rpm without exceeding a shear tress of 8000 psi. Use 1.2:1 as the rati

Difference between mean value added by the manufacturer

Test to determine whether there is a significant difference between mean Value Added by the Manufacturer and the mean Cost of Materials in manufacturing. Use the Manufacturi

Find the rate of entropy generation in the cooling section

Moist air at 45?C and relative humidity 30% (State 1) with another stream of moist air at 20?C and relative humidity 50% (State 2) in an adiabatic duct. Mass flow rate of dry


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