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A solution is to be concentrated from 10% to 65% solids in a vertical tube evaporator. The solution has a negligible elevation of boiling point and its specific heat can be taken same as that of water. Steam is available at 203.6 kPa and the condenser operates at 13.33 kPa. The feed enters the evaporator at 295 K. The total evaporation is to be 25000 kg/hr of water. Calculate the heat transfer area required and the steam consumption in kg/hr if overall heat transfer coefficient is 2800 W/m2.K.

Reference no: EM131193768

What is the temperature at the end of the heating

A sealed rigid tank of 1 m3 capacity contains 1.2 kg of water at 1 bar and 99.63 °C. To this tank we add heat until the pressure increases to 3 bar. What is the temperatur

Compute the minimum line current for the motor

If the excitation is adjusted such that the magnitudes of the excitation voltage and the terminal voltage are equal, and if the motor is taking 20 A, find the torque develop

Dew point of a mixture of hydrocarbons

At a pressure of 10 bar, determine the bubble and dew point of a mixture of hydrocarbons, composition, mol%: n-butane 21, n-pentane 48, n-hexane 31. The equilibrium K factor

The principle of solovay and strassen primality test

Demonstrate the principle of the Solovay and Strassen primality test on the number m = 33 The number m has been made small in this problem to keep the calculations simple. S

Determining the standard normal distribution

The scaling factor k must be such that the total probability is one. Therefore, we have k = 1/36. The table shows one instance where x + y >5, which is x = 3, y = 3. The pro

Draw a process flow diagram of the process

Draw a process flow diagram of the process - Calculate the percent excess air and calculate the volumetric flowrate and molar composition of the exiting gas stream (dry basis)

What would be the minimum value of c along the first line

Using the method outlined for steepest descent in Eqs. (961 to (98) and presented in Fig. 11-12, what would be the minimum value of C along the first line of steepest descen

Draw a schematic diagram for this control system

Draw a schematic diagram for this control system. On your diagram, identify the controlled variables, manipulated variables, and disturbance variables. Be suit to include se


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