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A horizontal jet of water 2 x 103 mm2 cross-section and flowing at a velocity of 15 m/s hits a flat plate at 60 degrees to the axis (of the jet) and to the horizontal. The jet is such that there is no side spread. If the plate is stationary, calculate a) the force exerted on the plate in the direction of the jet and b) the ratio between the quantity of fluid that is deflected upwards and that downwards. (Assume that there is no friction and therefore no shear force.)

Reference no: EM131122827

Explain how the steady state solution is obtained

The steady state solution for a dc source on a loaded line does not require the use of the multiple reflections method. Explain how the steady state solution is obtained.

Calculate the percentage saving in weight

The drive shaft to a boat's propeller is 50 mm in diameter. If a 25 mm diameter hole is bored along its length calculate the percentage saving in weight and the percentage

Determine the smallest possible value of the coefficient

determine the smallest possible value of the coefficient of static friction. (Assume that the sash is slightly smaller than the frame and will bind only at points A and B

What dimensionless parameters would you use to organize data

The drag, d, on a washer-shaped plate placed normal to a stream of fluid can be expressed as D = f(d1, d2, V, μ, ρ) where d1 is the outer diameter, d2 the inner diameter, V

What are the relative densities

In the first liquid, which is water, it floats fully submerged. In liquids A, B, and C, it floats with heights h/2, 2h/3, and h/4 above the liquid surface, respectively. Wha

Isobaric cooling until a saturated vapor

A system consisting of 1 kg of H20 undergoes a cycle composed of the following closed process: Process1-2: Isochoric heating from P1= 5 bars, T1= 160 degrees Celsius to P2= 10

Coefficient of kinetic friction between the tires and road

A 2-Mg car has a velocity of v1 = 100 km/h when the driver sees an obstacle in front of the car. It takes 0.7s for him to react and lock the brakes, causing the car to skid. I

What customizable tools are provided

What customizable tools are provided? How do these Web sites allow you to invite friends and professional contacts? How are photos and videos imported? What type of advertis


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