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A horizontal jet of water 2 x 103 mm2 cross-section and flowing at a velocity of 15 m/s hits a flat plate at 60 degrees to the axis (of the jet) and to the horizontal. The jet is such that there is no side spread. If the plate is stationary, calculate a) the force exerted on the plate in the direction of the jet and b) the ratio between the quantity of fluid that is deflected upwards and that downwards. (Assume that there is no friction and therefore no shear force.)

Reference no: EM131122827

Determining the minimum tensile strength

A cylindrical brass rod having a minimum tensile strength of 450 MPa (65,000 psi), a ductility of at least 13%EL, and a final diameter of 12.7 mm (0.50 in.) is desired. Some

Compute the pole locations if the linearizing feedback terms

Assuming that the drive discussed in Example 14A is operating at an electrical rotor speed of 200 rad/s, compute the pole locations if the linearizing feedback terms are not

Fourth-order polynomial passes through the five points

A fourth-order polynomial passes through the five points for which the independent and dependent variables, x and y, respectfully, are given (-2,37), (-1,7), (0,5),(1,13), and

Design for manufacture and assembly in construction industry

Construction technique critical review:Students will be required to formulate a 1,500 word report (4 pages completed individually according to provided template) examining a

Determine the range of back pressure over which

A) A huge reservoir of air supplies a converging-diverging nozzle with throat and exit areas of 10 cm^2 and 25 cm^2 respectively. The reservoir pressure and temperature a

Determine the torque m transmitted to the bolt

The reaction against the pin A provides the "antitorque" characteristic of the tool. For a gripping force P = 150 N, determine the torque M transmitted to the bolt. (One sid

Calculate the horizontal distance between the points

A 30 ft tape weighing 3 lb and with a cross sectional area of 0.01 in2 was standardized and found to be 30.02 ft at 680F, with 20 lb tension and fully supported . This tape w

Work output by assuming contestant specific heats

4 Kg of air expands in an insulated cylinder from 1131 kPa and 327C to 100 kPa in a reversible manner. Determine the work output by (a) assuming contestant specific heats and


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