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Consider a diatomic gas, N2, at 298 K. This gas is compressed reversibly and adiabatically from 15 dm3 to 5.0 dm3. Assume that the heat capacity of this gas is CV=5R/2, and that it behaves ideally. Calculate the final temperature, T2, of the gas.



Reference no: EM13870181

What is the average value of rate of change of temperature

If the thermocouple is mounted in a chemical reactor and the voltage is observed to go from 10.0mV to 13.6mV in 20s, what is the average value of the rate of change of tempe

Determine the chemical composition of a plasma

For a certain process, the maximum allowable pressure is 0.20 torr. If a D65 rotary vane pump is used and conductance losses in the vacuum system can be ignored; what is the

What is the fraction recovery of the enzyme

Assume negligible miscibility between the aqueous and organic liquids in each other, and ignore any change in density on removal or addition of the enzyme to either stream.

Determine whether following statements is true or false

For a given substance, strong intermolecular forces between molecules of the substance can cause peak broadening of some of the absorptions in the infrared spectrum of the s

Determining the batch of microorganisms

A fermentation reactor is charged with a sterile feed of growth media at 35 °C and inoculated with a batch of microorganisms. The batch is allowed to grow for 10 days. Durin

What is the convective heat loss per meter of tube length

Under operating conditions for which the inner and outer tube surface temperatures are 70 and 30°C, respectively, what is the convective heat loss per meter of tube length a

The pressure, temperature, volume and moles

For an ideal gas (this is an assumption that can be made under certain conditions including low pressure and high volume in which it is assumed that the molecules in a system

Calculate the potential on the sphere

Suppose that instead of cutting the sphere as in Figure 7.35a, the connections are made as in Figure 7.35b. Show that the resistance of the sphere cannot be calculated exact


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