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The elementary gas phase reaction A ? B + C is carried out isothermally in a flow reactor with no pressure drop.

The specific reaction rate at 50°C is 10-4 min-1 and the activation energy is 85 kJ/mol. Pure A enters the reactor at 10 atm and 127°C and a molar flow rate of 2.5 mol/min. Calculate the reactor volume and space time to achieve 90% conversion in: A PFR.

Note: ?_0^x??(1+?X)dX/(1-X)=(1+? ?)ln 1/(1-x)-?X a CSTR

If the reaction is carried out isothermally with pressure drop, plot X and y as a function of the PFR volume when ? = 0.001dm3.

What are X and y at V = 500 dm3

Note: Polymath is required to answer this question.

Assume that the reaction is reversible with KC = 0.025 mol2/dm6.

Calculate the equilibrium conversion, then redo parts (a) through (c) to achieve a concentration that is 90% of the calculated equilibrium conversion.

Reference no: EM13862395

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