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Modify Exercise 1 so that the class can keep track of multiple courses. Write a program to test your implementation.

Exercise 1

Design and implement a class that allows a teacher to track the grades in a single course. Include methods that calculate the average grade, the highest grade, and the lowest grade. Write a program to test your class implementation.

Reference no: EM131313355

Perform the following actions to test your application

Press the Exit button. The Exit button doesn't stop the application but instead deletes all tests from outForChecking and inserts them in submittedTests and displays a list

Write a method that does a reverse lookup

Write a program that stores names and phone numbers from a text file in a dictionary, with the name being the key. Write a method that does a reverse lookup, that is, finds

What is the difference in time

Using a small array (less than 20 elements), compare the sorting times between the insertion sort and QuickSort. What is the difference in time? Can you explain why this dif

Write findmin and findmax methods for the avltree class

Using the Timing class, compare the times for the methods implemented in Exercise 1 to the same methods in the BinarySearchTree class. Your test program should insert a sort

What is the ranking of the algorithms

To perform the tests, create a randomly generated array of 1,000 elements. What is the ranking of the algorithms? What happens when you increase the array size to 10,000 ele

Create a new hash class that uses an arraylist

Using the Hashtable class, write a spelling-checker program that reads through a text file and checks for spelling errors. You will, of course, have to limit your dictionary

Determine the number of the last person left in the circle

Write a program that allows you to place n people in a circle and specify that every mth person will be killed. The program should determine the number of the last person le

Display a list of each of the integers

Write a program that generates 10,000 random integers in the range of 0-9 and stores them in a binary search tree. Using one of the algorithms discussed in this chapter, dis


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