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Question - At the beginning of 2015, Bonita Industries had retained earnings of $390000. During the year Bonita reported net income of $97000, sold treasury stock at a "gain" of $35500, declared a cash dividend of $59700, and declared and issued a small stock dividend of 2830 shares ($10 par value) when the fair value of the stock was $21 per share. The amount of retained earnings available for dividends at the end of 2018 was





Reference no: EM132280317

Dimensions of shareholder-principal conflict with manager

Explain several dimensions of the shareholder-principal conflict with manager agents known as the principal-agent problem. To mitigate agency problems between senior executi

Define total expected dollar sales for next period

Greenspan Company management predicts $500,000 of variable costs, $800,000 of fixed costs, and a pretax income of $100,000 in the next period. Management also predicts that

Compute shavers debt to asset ratio and time interest

Compute Shavers debt-to-assets ratio and times interest earned ratio. Based on these ratios, does it appear Shaver relies mainly on debt or equity to finance its assets? Is it

Homes in a suburban development

A contractor built 30 similar homes in a suburban development. The homes have comparable size and amenities, but each has been sold with features that customize the appearan

Balance in unearned revenue at the end of march

On March 1, the Unearned Revenue account had a credit balance of $4,000. During March, it sold 300 tickets at $20 each and 250 tickets were used during the month. What is th

Determine alexandra basis in the land

Dove Corporation had purchased the land as an investment three years ago for $375,000, and the land was distributed subject to a $270,000 liability. Alexandra took the land

Prepare a consolidated balance sheet worksheet

Power Company owns 90 percent of Pleasantdale Dairy’s stock. The balance sheets of the two companies immediately after the Pleasantdale acquisition showed the following amount

The fair value of the shares held by sanborn

Would this investment be classified on Sanborn's balance sheet as held-to-maturity securities, trading securities, available-for-sale securities, significant-influence investm


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